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Echoes of Glory


What if Sherman was stopped at Atlanta?

Or if Lee had won at Antietam?

Or if Vicksburg never surrendered to Grant?

In Echoes of Glory: A Nation Divided, the outcome of the historical battles that shaped human history lies in the hands of the players themselves. With accuracy and high graphical detail, the battlefields of one of history’s bloodiest wars are recreated. But this time around you will be able to fight in the conflict behind the safety of the computer screen! Hear the thunder of cannons and relive charges across the fields and determine the fate of your cause and nation. Can the Confederacy survive, or will the Union be preserved? The side with the strongest will, will conquer the enemy and emerge victorious in the epic struggle for America between the North and South!

Cover yourself with glory on epic battlefields such as Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg or the grueling trench warfare at Petersburg or experience the fall of Atlanta and many more exhilirating online battle-maps! The Civil War has never been so realistically portrayed before in a videogame, now you have the opportunity to re-experience the Civil War without leaving your home!